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About us

We are a Top 20 global wine producer, leaders in premium and sparkling wine sales in Chile, and a Top 5 producer in the domestic Argentinian market.

About us


Hailing from the Andes Mountains, we welcome everyone at our table while honoring our wine, land, and people. Our New World brands transform the everyday into excellent experiences with passion, pride, joy and diversity at our core.


Top 20

Global wine producer
Eighteen million boxes per year. Leader in premium and sparkling wine sales in Chile; Top 5 producer in the domestic Argentinian market.


Market leader
Leader in Japan, Korea, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, France, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Paraguay and more.

partnerships and
joint visions

Build our business model
We promote real, long-lasting, human relationships with clients and suppliers to succeed.

Passionate team

Of excellence
Pioneers in Sustainability as a Strategic Objective and Corporate Value; leaders in renewable energy; guardians and promoters of Biodiversity, and advocates of Conscious Alcohol Consumption.

Responsible Design

And Eco Packaging
Passionate about nature and our planet; committed to being Carbon Neutral across three scopes by 2040 (IWCA).

Embraces land

Exploring infinite origins
Present across main origins in Chile and Argentina.


And processes with
continuous investment
We are passionate about new trends, innovation, and always listen to what our customers are saying.

Our mission is to inspire experiences by celebrating life. With a vision to be a valuable global wine group based on the strength of our brands and the innovative, sustainable leadership of our team



We act on the basis of honesty, transparency, responsibility and respect. Our procedures use high standards and we prioritize acting correctly.


Working Excellence
We meet deadlines and deliver to the highest standards for all of our clients. We are rigorous and dedicated to exceeding expectations and adding value to our operations.


Passion for wine
We understand our place in the wine business, and are proud to participate in the creation of a product derived directly from nature. Wine brings us together and its craft inspires our decisions.


We cultivate forward-thinking and promote the next generation of valuable ideas and projects. This leads to new products, processes, services and strategies which enable us to ensure the sustainability of our organization.


We are concerned about the impact our actions have on the company, people, communities and the environment. We want to leave a footprint that benefits our surroundings, safeguarding a harmonious future for everyone.

Team of Excellence

We are more than 1,400 collaborators passionate about wine. We have a cultural model that defines the identity of VSPT Wine Group, based on our values of: Excellence, Passion for wine, Innovation, Sustainability and Integrity.