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Brands / 1865

1865 focuses on achieving the absolute best expression of every variety and terroir.

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With vineyards across Chile, and expansions into Argentina, 1865 focuses on creating wines with finely balanced fruit and oak. Achieved through the use of French oak barrels, concrete eggs, and French oak foudres, depending on the variety.

Each bottle of 1865 captures over 150 years of winemaking experience, demonstrating the evolution and potential of Chilean viticulture. In the year 1997, 1865 became the second addition to San Pedro’s premium line, its name honoring the founding year of the original winery.

1865 Selected Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon

“Selected Vineyards” is an exceptional range; it is a proud achievement that showcases the best possible synergy between variety and vineyard.

1865 Selected Collection: Old Vines

Grown in a loam soil, with a sandy-loam subsoil, these vines are vertically trained but require no irrigation thanks to their established roots, which are over seventy years old. Reaching this impressive age means that this wine’s roots stretch deep into the soil and allow it to find water present far underground. This brings a natural balance to the vine, helping it produce high-quality grapes.


Tayu comes from the southern Chilean region of Malleco, and is crafted by indigenous Chilean families in the community of Buchahueico. The Mapuche, which means “people of the land”, have a deep connection to the earth, far beyond what can be normally understood. Mapuche communities have worked together with San Pedro's winemakers to share their intimate knowledge of the soil, resulting in this Pinot Noir that truly expresses its origin. Tayu, which means “ours” in Mapudungún, is the proud result of this special winemaking endeavor and presents a new understanding of the variety, based on a traditional approach to nature that values family and respect.