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Graffigna was founded in 1870 by the Italian immigrant, Santiago Graffigna.

Discover the graffigna character:


A passionate man who, with his vision and entrepreneurial spirit, planted the first vineyards of the region. The winery is considered the oldest in San Juan and one of the most historic wineries in Argentina. It has retained its original winemaking philosophy, with bold wines of great character, capable of conveying its 150 year history of excellence.

Graffigna Genuine Collection: Malbec

From multi altitude vineyards located in San Juan and Mendoza, Argentina. Regions with wide thermal amplitude (up to 68°F/20°C) and over 300 days of sun per year that produce top quality grapes. The Genuine Collection range transmits the true expression of each variety, with deep aromas, flavors and great concentration.

Graffigna Glorious Selection: Malbec

Harvest is carried out by hand, in different profiles of aromatic maturity. Movement during fermentation is manual and subject to daily tasting. The wine boasts fresh fruit aromas which balance the delicacy of the violets with notes from aging in oak.