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Brands / Leyda

The home of Chile’s most awarded coastal winery.

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Viña Leyda was the pioneer winery in Leyda Valley, and now aims to lead a unique place where ultra-premium wine is grown in different micro-terroirs to obtain different expressions, purity, identity and character.

Its portfolio contains elegant wines with defined characters which reflect the authenticity of the terroir. Viña Leyda aims to be leaders in the production of cold, coastal varieties with its three lines: Lot, Single Vineyard and Reserve.

Leyda Reserva: Sauvignon Blanc

In addition to representing their terroir, this line seeks to respect the fruit and identity of each variety, giving origin to expressive wines that are direct, fresh and juicy.

Leyda Coastal Vineyards: Sauvignon Blanc

Coastal vineyard is an elegant, mineral and complex wine. It’s grapes come from a vineyard called “Las brisas” (Spanish for “breezes”) which receives the ull impact of the sea breezes directly on it’s slope. They regulate the temperature of the vines, extending the grape-ripening period.

Leyda Lot: Lot 21 Pinot Noir

The valley’s purest expression of cool climate translates into the best of each variety: The LOT line. From a polygon with very limited production (Maximum 5,000 bottles per year).